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This Underwater Pole Dancing Will Show You How Stunning The Sport Is. Thumbs Up.

Water is the most abundant substance we can get here on earth. Almost everywhere you can get a water even from the moist of the morning grasses. Water has been the elixir of life as it has provided us with so much out of our necessities.

But more than what we know about the water is its calm aura that could turn into a nightmare. But behind all these, it is up to us on how to use water. Today, even live art is benefiting from the use of water. More than enjoying the benefits of the water, these pole dancers are enjoying also the splendid moment underwater where they could enjoy grace and elegance

Aqua-batic literally displays acrobatic under water. It translates ‘walking with water.’ But what if you combine pole dancing and aqua-batic? These pole dancers will show off their skills underwater as they run through their routines on an underwater pole.

Giving us these wonderful shots is the 40-year-old professional photographer Brett Stanley who set out to capture the grace of these dancers. Grappling with the logistical challenges of pole dancing underwater, these elegant shots feature a mixture of amateur pole dancers and novices holding on tightly.

The challenge of this dancing underwater is how to hold your breath and collaborating on which poses will be picture-perfect.

By moving through the water is indeed a challenge while creating vortices which are made of the swirling water motion. However, the vortex turbulence produces restrictive friction that supports movement and propulsion. Basically, underwater body motion is a good physical exercise. Through a form of performance such as the aqua-batics, the performer and the water pave way for the mutual state of flow. To work with the unique stressors on the body, the performer has to work well and collaborate with the body of water for adaptation and syncopation.

The spatial factors really play an important role in putting up a good performance. And performing underwater is definitely a challenge not all of us would like to try, but seeing from these performers—-it is truly gratifying seeing the elegance of this sport especially that it is combined with pole dancing.

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Video from Barcroft TV

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