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It’s Not A Bird. It’s The Jet-Pack Man Flying Over Dublin. This Guy Is A Crow-Catcher.

Back when you were a kid, you would look up to the sky and dream of soaring it one day. You might have also wished to be like those of the super heroes who can fly. Back then, you might have admired Superman among any other flying characters because of his ability to fly.

Or even if not, you would want to have wings so you can fly with the clouds and chase all the birds. To see the world from the bird’s eye view is certainly breathtaking, and you must have realized that it could be the best experience you could ever have.

But the reality is, we are not superheroes with super powers. We can’t even have wings and fly like birds. We can’t fly using our bodies. But this dream has slowly become a reality when technology began to innovate bringing us tools and gadgets which we never though were possible.

The once-dream of flying is now becoming a reality. All thanks to the technological engineering which made this possible. Today, we can enjoy the sky and see the world from atop while we are comfortably sitting on an airplane and any other aircrafts.

We can now even touch the clouds in the short period of time while free falling thousands of feet back to the ground. But all these are coupled with the brave heart, indeed only those who are not afraid of flying could enjoy the perks of flying.

Jet-pack is one of the advanced flying mechanism that is developed today and even used by some people who loves flying and adventure. The jet-pack allows you to elevate from the ground and even flies through areas.

This man wearing a jetpack has been making rounds online as he stopped the traffic in Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday when he flew over the city’s iconic bridge. The pilot along with the clear skies made an amazing tandem for an astonishing short flight while the onlookers watch amazed.

The residents of Dublin excitingly woke up to witness the rare moment of seeing a real man, not in movie, to fly over the city using the jetpack. The jetpack man flew above the River Liffrey for a total duration of 28 seconds before landing on a floating platform in the middle of the river.

Here’s another jet-pack man:

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