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10-Year-Old Chinese Kid Can Solve Rubix Cube Blindfolded And Simultaneously Using Hand And Feet

Looking for talented kids? Here on the show Superkids where you will see different kids around the world that seize such wonderful talents. Meet the 10 years of age kid named Jianyu Que who is the mastermind in solving Rubix cube. In just a minute he can solve it with blindfolded.

The judge was seemed challenged about the kid’s skill. He even tried to shuffle the Rubiks’s cube and let the kid solved it once again but Jianyu was never failed to solve it. Here on this video, what more interesting here is how he manage to resolve simultaneously the two Rubik’s cube using his hand and feet. The judges were amazed at his outstanding ability that he had shown off to every one of us.

See the video below.

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CREDITS: Superkids

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