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Misplaced The Key? Here’s How To Open A Lock With A Nut Wrench.

The key and the locks are important factors that are solely needed to secure safety whether of ourselves or our properties. Whenever we leave our homes for longer times, we make sure we lock our doors and windows. We also make sure, that we got the keys to our locks so when the time we get back, we can enter our homes.

Not only that we use keys and locks for our doors but also to boxes where we could put our valuable stuff like jewelries and important papers. But for sure you could relate to the time when you left your key or must have misplaced it that you got nothing to do but to break the lock for you to enter your home or left with no choice but to destroy the lock for you to open your box or closet.

And you could relate also that breaking the lock is a hard thing to accomplish especially when you got the heavy duty against your door. But if that happens again, we got here a useful tip on how to open a lock.

You don’t have to look for some heavy bars or the likes just to pound against the lock when you can simply use two nut wrenches to easily open the lock. We advise you to use this when emergency persist, please don’t if you are planning to use this to break into other’s houses and safes.

This may be an unusual idea to forcedly open a lock, but if you happened to lose your key—this one way could certainly help you.

First, look for two nut wrenches that you could usually find in the garage. To both sides of the curve, attach the each tooth of the wrenches forming the scissor-like handles.

Finally, collect some force as you twitch the two nut wrench that will eventually cause the lock to break free. Simple and easy as that.

This method won’t probably work for some other types of lock. But who knows, it might when you try it depending on your force and the quality of your wrenches. With nothing more than a pair and a little elbow grease, within seconds you could certainly open locks like this in just seconds.

While so though, we are encouraging you to use the high-standard locks especially when you are keeping something valuable. Taking care of your keys is much more important than thinking that there are ways of breaking the locks.

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