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Doesn’t Have A Working Glue Gun? This Improvised One Will Help You In Using Your Stick Glue.

This summer, one of our activities while we are staying in our homes is doing some art and crafts. We might as well enroll our kids in some summer classes and art school to make their summer more meaningful. Along with these art activities are art materials that we should not also forget especially when we are creating something.

Along with the scissors, coloring materials, and crafty papers, we should also make sure the safety of ourselves especially of our children in handling the tools which could sometimes be harmful.

There are tools which we often use in our crafts that uses electricity or may be hot which could be too risky for children like the glue gun. The hot melt adhesive is a form of thermoplastic adhesive that melts the stick. The gun itself uses a heating element in melting the plastic glue which is often squeezed into the heated nozzle.

However, if misused, it could cause burns and eventually blister the skin as the glue becomes tacky when it is heated. It only solidifies in a few seconds to one minute. This is why it is often used as an effective sticking tool.

Since children are most likely to handle things carelessly, it is a must that we should guide them in using tools especially the glue gun and the cutter. But for your own skill as a responsible individual, what if you do not have a glue gun and you needed it to stick something?

Well, the absence of the glue gun could be a challenge especially when we don’t want to lit the glue stick with fire because it may color it black. But in the video below, we got here a striking idea that could help you out with that. Having no glue gun is not a problem anymore as long as you know how to use some other materials in replace of it.

You only need some of these materials in order to make yourself an improvised glue gun. Just look for a soft drink can that you can easily cut using scissors and of course, a tape. All you need to do is cut a portion of the soda can, a square of it just enough for the next thing.

Be careful in handling the cut can because it might cut you as well. After you cut a square of it, slowly roll the square to form a slender cone just like of the tip of the actual glue gun. Just when you are done doing so, put a tape to make sure it won’t detach from the current form. Cut the edge of your cone. Using the video below, find out what you have to do next to complete your tool.

What do you think of this improvised glue gun? Don’t miss our updates. For some more of our latest stories and videos, just visit our website and don’t forget to hit the LIKE button to subscribe. Thank you so much for dropping by. Have a safe day.

Video from MrGear

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