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This Man Threads A Spectacular Snow Murals In The Mountains Just Using His Shoes. Thumbs Up.

Art certainly has no boundaries. Anywhere you are at any time, you can think of something creative or do something out of a seemingly useless material. Creativity is our human nature that is just waiting to be revealed and developed. Each of us possesses variety of skills and talents to which creativity could be apparent from.

Whether you are good in dancing, singing, painting, or in sports, creativity is something that you should develop to come up with an extraordinary style that will set you from any other.

Simon Beck is just one of the many talented people around the world. But there is one thing worth emulating from Simon—perhaps it is his proving determination to set his craft beyond boundaries.

Simon has long been doing snow murals with just his shoes. But his usual talent encourage him to do more out of snow drawing. With this, he literally treads the snow in the Utah Mountains to make a splendid work.

Buckle up as we bring you feet above the mountain to witness this rare spectacle that would surely fill your eyes with amazement. His craft can only be observed from above and it take at least an entire day to complete. Be sure you fasten your seatbelt for this:

Art at altitude is really breathtaking with this celebrated murals in the mountains. Simon describes his work as map-making in reverse. According to the artist, he takes about 5, 000 steps per hour to make these. The art which he considered at first as just fun thing to do made him realize that he could do more, ending taking up most of his time.

Simon would find himself a landscape where he could practice his craft and over the years, he gained fame around the globe for his mastered murals in the snow that do not only show creativity but also depict intricate geometric patterns.

For his second biggest art project, Simon returns to Northern Utah where he spends nine days in crafting his snow art. In 2015, Simon created his largest mural ever which is roughly the size of 12 soccer fields. Imagine how he created it? This man could really surprise you.

Simon has a background in orienteering so he would often use a compass in lay outing the outlines of his work before shading in the open areas with help of his volunteers. Simon shared that the pattern in his minds are something obvious. He added that if you try and plan things in advance, when you get there you find some reason why that plan does not make sense and then you’ve got to start again.

Although there are weather challenges up in the mountains, Simon considers it as part of the life of his snow art.

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Source: http://summitpowdermountain.com/; Photos from http://fox13now.com/; Video from Great Big Story

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