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This Field Was Turned Into A Majestic Art As Farmers Became Artistic In Planting. Thumbs Up.

Art is one of the most apparent result of one’s mind driven by passion and utmost inspiration. It could be found anywhere, even in the walls and in the sand. With the constant development of the mind, man can transform an ordinary into a celebrated masterpiece with the ideas of creativity.

And this one is not an exception. At the distance bird’s eye view, who would have thought that this masterpiece is not actually a canvass filled with colors but a field planted with rapeseed—artistically, it was transformed into a celebrated art in a field.

The farmers in China spent months and months to carefully and creatively plan their project. Eventually after drafts, they started planting their rapeseed field. But this is not the usual field, this is their perfectly maintained field of dreams


You may have seen a lot of interesting arts especially those which are embellished into celebrated paintings whether in the museums or in the streets, however, it is a rare find seeing such gigantic art not anywhere but in the farming fields with not medium but the plants of varying colors.

Using the fields as the canvass is indeed challenging. The biggest the art the hardest it could be completed. But the acre of art in mind did not stopped these farmers not just to promote their work and product but also to build an attraction.

The months of mowing, digging, planting and earth-scaping has finally paved off as the piece was finally completed. Viewable from the air, the outdoor land art piece has drawn multiple visitors for what seemed a spectacular artwork which was physically made into the field.

Today, there are numerous of field-drawn masterpieces which were created in hands by farmers and professional artists. One of these is Van Gogh Field which transpires the 1.2-acre field inspired by the 1889 painting ‘Olive Trees.’ The piece was commissioned by the Minneapolis Institute of Art and is visible when one flies through the Minneapolis airport.

Indeed, these arts only prove that whatever art is developed one could create a masterpiece. It is through creativity that one inspires others, and these large arts are hoped to inspire other artist and even planters to passionately plant for sustainability.

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Video from In the Now; Al Jazeera America News

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