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Mysteries Of The Orient Revealed. Watch What’s Underneath This Unique Underground In China.

Pass the usual Chinese walls and gate lies another set of structures which could surprise anyone else because of its underlying complex designs and perhaps secrets underneath. The drone has captured the spectacular underground giving us bird’s eye-view as it flew through the passages and up above it.

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This is another sighting that you should not dare miss. What is more in the province of Henan in the central China is the underground village. As the drone revealed, the subterranean village consists of the complex man-made caves in the city of Sanmenxia. At around 100 clusters, the area was known to have the largest collections of such homes.

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As explained, the unique structures prevent temperatures from dropping too low in winter and too high in summer. The design was thought to protect inhabitants from strong winds and scorching surface temperatures. According to the reports, the two-meter wide wells were designed to prevent the cave homes and courtyards from flooding.

The unique village was included in a list of Chinese traditional villages as it was constructed hundreds of years ago to address changing climate conditions. Basically, the cave homes are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The local government protects the village to preserve its unique forms and designs which is very rare to still see today.

It was said that the cave home building technique began during the China’s Bronze Age when people began living in dwellings built within deep pits. This soon was even more developed during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The village remains to be an attraction to most tourists as it was opened to public. As the drone flew through the corners and halls of the underground village, it is apparent how complex the architecture was.

Aside from the underground village, the village in a cave in Guizhou has also been an attraction to most tourists. The villagers of Tajing have lived over the cave for centuries. Inside the cave which is approximately 230 meters long, 115 wide and 50 high, are houses which the tribe developed.


These villagers however refused that government will build new houses inside the cave. While so, most of them refused to leave their houses inside the cave.

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Source: https://www.rt.com; Video From Sputnik

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