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Watch: Building Suddenly Collapses Leaving People With A Big Surprise.

It was a regular day for all the pedestrians who came across this street. But not until something happened to which they did not all expect.

It seemed that this building was still in good condition. Apparently though no one was in the building or even near the building. Those who happened to pass at this area were surprised with what happened next.

This large building in all of a sudden collapsed causing chaos on this busy street. Purportedly, the building was empty and at the time it collapsed, no one was believed to have been injured.

Dramatically, the building slowly shatter into pieces of bricks as half of it fell into the ground. And this how it all looked like.

What do you think of this? Was this a demolition or unexpected? Thank you so much for dropping by. We hope to see you more often for some more of our latest stories. Have a nice day ahead.

Video from Global Leak News

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