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Here’s What Will Happen If All Mosquitoes Are Gone – A Must See


Everything on earth has a purpose. Whether they are bad on others or not. Each organism is needed by another to survive in life. But, ,some are just becoming pests that keeps on damaging the others. Can you sight some organisms that must be eliminated totally?

If there is one living thing that is wanted by humans to be extinct totally are the flying insects called mosquitoes. Mosquitoes, as we all know, are small flying insects that has sharp tube-like piece in the mouth which makes it possible for them to consume blood from other organisms.


Many mosquitoes are being feared because of the fact they carry various viruses that can be lethal to men. That’s why, there are ways made by men to eliminate them. But, they are just so many. People already tried spraying different chemicals just to vanish them all but, it seems to be harmful with the environment and to other organisms.


One solution found by scientists and researchers is to play with genetics. In 2015, British company called Oxitec modified male Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes with “self-limiting gene” that stop their cells to function normally preventing fertilization of the female mosquitoes. But this study needs more time, effort, money and research to succeed.


Now, is making mosquitoes extinct a good idea? For some reasons, it is not. It is because for the estimated 3,000 species of mosquitoes worldwide, only about hundreds of them actually bite human beings. Most of them are food for the other species making the ecosystem balanced.

For now, it’s really hard to decide whether to totally eliminate them. All we can do for now is to be safe and help prevent biting mosquitoes from invading our homes. Regular cleaning would be very helpful in minimizing their population.

Here’s a video that will explain it all regarding this “mosquito elimination” issue posted by YouTube channel SciShow.

Now, what can you say about the topic?

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