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They May Look Cute…But The Struggle Is Real For These Dyed Chicks To Boost Easter Sales.

Easter is a festival that most of us celebrate in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After the holy week, it has been a tradition for many especially Christians to celebrate Easter as a holiday as it is always a Sunday. During the Easter Sunday, silence and peace is observed as even malls and restaurants are closed. Some even take this as an opportunity bond with the family at home.

Along with this, it has also been a tradition around the globe to haunt for the Easter eggs which are specially decorated and are often given out to celebrate the festivity. The Easter eggs are said to symbolize the empty tomb. And in the early Christian community in Mesopotamia, red-stained eggs are in memory of the blood of Christ, shed at his crucifixion

But today, the chicken eggs are dyed with variety of color and even substituted by eggs made from chocolate or shells with candies inside. Also, the Easter Bunny is a popular legendary character. The Easter gift-giving character is said to keep eggs for kids to hunt or just give eggs away.

Moreover, aside from the colored eggs which come with variety of hues, there are even chicks which are out to market to boost the Easter sale. Aside from the rabbits and hares, eggs and chickens are also often associated with Easter. In Pagan times, there were signs of Fertility and new life.

These chicks are also colored. It has also been a tradition in many countries to color the chicks with vibrant colors to boost their sales on holidays. When you pass through the market streets, these dyed chicks could actually capture your attention because of their bizarre color.  However, animal rights activists do not see this as a good marketing strategy pointing out that profiteers are stressing the chicks.

Generally, they oppose the practice of dying the chicks. Although there are steps or perhaps orders against this practice, this one still continues especially during Easter.

While we understand that the Easter celebration has been an ongoing tradition and even fun holiday, we may not also forget its true essence of celebrating the life of the son who sacrificed his life for the humanity.

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