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Water Skiing Behind An Airplane Without Water Skis? OMG! These Guys Are Totally Crazy!

Have you ever tried the cool water sport called “Water Skiing”? Well if not, watch this video below and you will surely be amazed and probably… get jealous.

Water Skiing is fun and best surface water sport which uses either plane or boat to pull you. And these teenagers created a cool way to enjoy it more by doing this sport without the use of water skis – and they call it barefoot skiing.

You might think that these guys are insane, but for them, it’s a cool and thrilling experience. You’ll see them enjoy water skiing behind an airplane and  motorboat while performing some incredible stunts. It looks like they’re just sliding on a solid surface.

These guys are really freaky awesome! And if you think this video deserves to be shared with others, don’t hesitate to hit the Share button.

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