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How To Charge Your Phone With Lemon? You Got To See This. Lemon Phone Charger Is Cool.

Practical physics could literally bring our lives with more interesting routines that we don’t expect as possible. The bottom line is, you just got to be curious in safe-experimenting the things around you. Out of it, you could come up with something more useful and surprisingly beneficial.

When life gives you lemon, make a lemon juice out of it and if you are not happy with a lemon juice certainly you can do more out of lemons. The title might have attracted you to open this post, but certainly we will not give you disappointment seeing how lemon works with your phone.

What if you desperately needed to charge your phone and the electrical power seemed not to cooperate well with you? Well this time you don’t have to cry over the electricity when you got some lemons in your kitchen.

But what can you do with lemons to charge your smart phone? Well aside from drinking a hot water with some lemons in it every morning which is very healthy, lemons could also be used to charge your smartphone. According to this video, a lemon can be easily turned into a socket.

How Does Lemon Produces Electricity?

According to science, lemon juice contains electrolytes which are good carriers of electricity. Although it has been found out that lemon can’t produce electricity by itself, but when you insert two different metals in it allows the metals to react at each other.

The redox reaction or the reduction and oxidation occurs when one metals gets reduced by gaining electrons while the other metal is oxidized by losing electrons.

The electrolyte contained in the liquid of a lemon can conduct electricity.

Voltaic Battery

The lemon battery changes chemical energy into electrical energy the moment you put two different metals in it. A single lemon produces about 7/10 of volt of electricity. And if you connect two lemons together, you could probably power an inexpensive digital watch which uses about 1.5 volts.

There are already experiments that use the lemon energy as battery to light some smaller lights. For some reasons, the lemon did not work because the lemons produce only a very small current which is not enough to light a bulb. Current could also affect though the voltage could be high in the use of multiple lemons.

Try to do this

If you have plenty of time, this might be an interesting project to work out to try if lemon really does provide some energy.

What you will be needing:

18-gauge copper wire (smaller gauge will work too, but 18-gauge is stiffer)

Wire clippers

Steel paper clip (Some people find that a 2-inch strip of zinc works better)

Sheet of coarse sandpaper


In trying this out, be sure you got some help from your older family or friends. And here’s how you do it as shared by energyquest.com:


Also read Why lemon on a hot water is health-wise: http://viralityfacts.com/health/how-water-with-lemon/

Video from Amazing Amazing

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