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How Real Is The ‘Full Moon Madness?’ Does It Cause Strange Happenings To Human?

Many people have confirmed that during full moon, they feel something strange. One struggle that you could relate to is the poor sleep around the full moon. In relate to that, there is an increase admissions and strange happenings in the emergency room when the moon is full.

Our moon has been associated with many strange phenomena. Of course, we can always array the witchcraft and the werewolves. While so, some people would also say that a lot of traffic accidents would occur during full moon.

Full Moon Madness in the ER

But does the full moon really correlate to a rise in emergency room visits? While “full moon madness” is a real phenomenon, Dr. John Becher who has practice emergency medicine for nearly 40 years, said that you could almost tell the phase of the moon by how crowded that area of the ED was.

“Anytime the moon was full, that area was overflowing,” he added.

Paul J. Allegrettu also agreed that the emergency department seems busier when the moor in full. He said that he thought people are sicker and it seems like more unusual things happen when the moon is full though he don’t think he could prove it.

While according to Eric Moon, an emergency room physician at St. Bernard Hospital in Chicago, the nature of the ER is busy. However, he shared that whenever there’s full moon, someone will make a comment about how it’s going to be a rough night.

Whether the “full moon madness” is a real phenomenon or a myth, no one has set yet to reveal the scientific approach towards it.

Sleep Problem

Many people tend to complain about having a hard time sleeping around full moon. A current study that was published in the journal Current Biology offers a scientific evidence that poor sleep could be a result of full moon.

The study noted that our body responds to the geophysical rhythms of the moon. Researcher Christian Cajochen of the Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Basel said that the lunar cycle seems to influence the human sleep, even when one does not see the moon and is not aware of the actual moon phase.

Another study revealed that out of their subjects when they monitored the brain patterns, eye movements and hormone secretions, brain activity related to deep sleep dropped by 30 percent and participants took five minutes longer to fall asleep during full moon.

The study also noted that participants slept for twenty minutes less overall as the reported poorer sleep and showed diminished levels of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and wake cycles.

The researchers were firm that it is the first reliable evidence that a lunar rhythm can modulate sleep structure in humans when measured under the highly controlled conditions of a circadian laboratory study protocol without time cues.

According to the researchers, their next step is to find out if the moon has the power over the aspect of human behavior or does the full moon really affect the human behavior.

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