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NASA Releases Stunning Time-Lapse Video Of How Dynamic The Sun Is. Get It Right Here.

We may not see how the sun works but have you ever imagined getting a closer look at the sun and eventually witness it? Using an ultra-high definition cameras, NASA is bringing us a specter for our eyes with its stunning time-lapse video showing the dynamics of our star—the sun.


The NASA’s Solar Dynamics Obervatory is always watching and it sees that the sun is always changing. The SDO keep an eye of the sun for 24 hours on its entire disc including the solar materials coursing through and through the star’s surface.

Within a year, SDO has recorder various activities in the sun. And through a time-lapse video, we will have a spectacular experience over how the sun looks like when it was changing.

The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly captured a shot of the star every 12 seconds in various wavelengths. Apparently, as you go through the video you will notice that the sun subtly increases and decreases in size. What made this possible is the distance between the SDO spacecraft and the sun which varies over time.

However, the image is consistent and stable which is very stunning despite the fact that the SDO orbits the Earth at 6, 876 mph, and the Earth orbiting the sun at 67, 062 mph. NASA Goddard also explained that the scientists study these images to better understand the complex electromagnetic system that causes the constant movement of the sun which can definitely affect the Earth too.

There are things yet to be identified and studied by the scientists which could affect our earth or our systems, but with the technology that we have today we are getting closer to realizing those goals.

Moreover, NASA also noted that studying the sun which is the closest star to our planet is way to learn more about the stars in our galaxy and eventually learn more about the possible things that might happen.

SDO has been there since 2010 to scrutinize the sun. Over the entire year of observation from 2015 till this year, these dynamics are invisible to our naked eye. But with the help of NASA, this video will surely fill our eyes with wonder and awe.

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Source/Videos from NASA Goddard

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