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These Guys Were Enjoying Their Meal On The Food Court. But What They Heard Next Was Incredibly Funny! See Their Hilarious Reactions!

It is really nice and fun to prank people, that is the reason why we love watching prank videos on YouTube! What do you think is the craziest prank video have you ever seen? Have you tried doing some? Here is another prank video that you shouldn’t miss watching!

This prank video was uploaded by the channel Break on YouTube where you can find the most insane pranksters ever! This guy prank people on food court using his incredible voice! You’ll surely laugh out watching their hilarious reactions!

The man who helped these guys out is John Bailey, I’m pretty sure you do recognize his voice! He is the person behind the voice of your favorite epic movie trailers! What a crazy funny prank! John’s voice is really incredible!

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