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Man Let People Choose Free Candy Bar Over Free 10 oz Silver Bar (Worth $150) And The Result Is Surprising

Food over money. If you have a chance, what would you choose between the two? Would you choose food to answer your hunger? Or money? If I were to ask, I would choose money obviously because you can buy the food you want with the money you have (I bet you’ll do the same). But not all of us have the same mindset.

So media analyst Mark Dice wanted to know the difference. In a social experiment, he offers random people their choice of a free Hershey chocolate bar or a free 10 oz silver bar which is worth $150. What do you think will they choose? Is it the chocolate or the silver bar? Take a look at the surprising result on the video below:

If you were one of these people, what would you choose? Share us your thoughts by leaving a comment below and if you like this post, share this to your friends online to cheer them up like you always do.

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