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Pranks Could Be Too Surprising But, There Is Nothing More Exhilarating Than This.

Our friends could throw different pranks that could instantly shook us, as a result we might get pissed off. But what would you expect from your friends. Sometimes it’s all worth it especially when there is nothing more to do.

But of all the pranks you could ever experience, this might be the worst that might ruin your friendship. And certainly, this is not for those who have faint of heart.

These two buddies were apparently enjoying this plane ride. The other one was the pilot and the other was seated at the back. What happened next made this plane ride a lot more exhilarating.

For sure, you don’t want this to happen in any of your plane ride. Noticing that the plane would crash straight to the mountain peaks, the other man panicked trying to wake up his pilot. An experience you wound not want to encounter.

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Video from Marcel Menandro

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