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Hilarious Reaction Of Kids After Their Dad Awakes Them From A Deep Sleep

While traveling along with our family, we can’t definitely avoid not to have that great nap, however, from the time that we get asleep there is one thing that we don’t need to happen and that is someone will disturb us from the deep sleep.

It’s nice to crack such pranks with family and friends, but the worst kind of prank is that somebody will suddenly wake you up through the loud noise. We may find it annoying, but as we recall those reactions we have made, still we can’t help ourselves not to roll out from too much laughter. Watch how this dad beep the horn while his children are sleeping inside their car.

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  • Mike July 10, 2015, 5:58 am

    This is funny ONLY to the INSENSITIVE and INCONSIDERATE RETARD OF A FATHER who did this to his own children. This may be a form of CHILD ABUSE. Can someone forward this video to child welfare services?

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