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As These Cars Were Parked In This Ice Parking Lot…It Soon Collapsed At Caught In This Footage.

It was a ‘Thank God’ moment when the drivers of 15 vehicles found some empty space at Geneva Lake in Wisconsin while they are in turn for a Winterfest celebration, but all too soon they were interrupted when something they did not expect happened.

While all the drivers were enjoying the celebration, one news broke in that totally surprised them leading them to run quickly into where they parked their cars.

This then welcomed them…


15 cars and trucks fell into the freezing cold water as the ice parking lot collapsed. As it happened, authorities responded immediately to rescue the stuck cars that they could still recover.

While five vehicles were saved as the drivers immediately drove it out of the ice parking, 10 others plunged into the water.

According to the local police, none was injured during the unlikely incident. One of the car owners said that people usually park their cars on the lake as what he did to which he later realized as a bad choice.

Just call it the penguin plunge for vehicles:

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Videos from Today’s TMJ4; Civil Reporter

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