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Whatever Is Underneath This ‘Breathing’ Pavement, You’ll Be Surprised. A Clever Trick Or Possessed?

Many things today could come unexpected may it a product of natural occurrence or just a product of technology manipulation. Today, it is almost hard to identify whether the pictures and videos we see on social media are fake or real. While so, we cannot deny the fact that these unusual sightings could awake an electricity in our mind for curiosity and thirst to find out what’s really behind something.

Over the years, there are stories transpired in short clip videos and stories which remained to be a subject for debate as some people could not crack the nut. Here’s another one to ponder.

This footage has recently gone viral on the social media giving people a bizarre spectacle and some bubble thoughts of what could be behind this unusual scenario. Is this a possessed pavement or just a clever trick? Whatever is behind this, be the judge.

People who happened to see this and have seen this on their eyes as they visited this plaza were at awe and surprise seeing the paved dockyard ‘breathing.’ This area in the plaza in Cadimare, Italy became an instant attraction as it was described as ‘possessed’ pavement.

In the video, the pavement appeared to take series of deep breaths as it rise and fall. While many speculated that there is something spooky underneath the pavements which was then restricted, local media reports said that the ‘force of the tide’ caused the bricks to move up and down.

After a few seconds, viewers can hear waves as the pavement begins to lurch upwards before resettling

While so, some were unconvinced even inflicting that the video was edited and was a product of 3D computer graphics.

One YouTube commenter said: 'It's not real. Look at the legs of the steel barrier, they're 3D computer graphics'

As the unnerving footage rolls, one can notice the barrier above the pavements to restrict people from passing through the affected area. At any time, you may also hear some waves as the bricks begin to move upwards before resettling.

The reports maintained that the force of the tide coming into the coastal town in the Gulf of La Spezia is apparently strong that it causes the parts of the floor to move. According to some, the footage was fake pointing to the movement and sizes which were exaggerated. One could look also into the stones for a closer look.

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Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/; Video from cittadellaspezia

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