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These Girls Are Having Webcam Moments. What Happened Next Made Them Realized They Have Magical Powers. LOL!

Have you ever wished you were a super hero or some kind of a sorcerer and possessed magical powers? These two girls did and just discovered they can do magic.

The two girls were messing around in class, having some jolly moments with their webcam. Just as most of us would often do, they pulled off funny faces at the camera. Then, they decided to make fun of one of their classmates. The boy sitting behind them looks seriously concentrating in class. After one of the girls pretended to stroke the guy’s nose, he let out a perfectly timed sneeze.

The poor young man just awkwardly stared while the two girls could hardly hold their laughter as they come to realize their powers. Are these girls undercover witches or just lucky enough to capture this one in a million coincidence?

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