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Man Unbelievably Lifts Car Out Of Parking. He Might Be The Living ‘Hulk.’

He might have had a hard time parking his car into this small parking lot, so he literally lifts his car off the lot. It might have been the easiest way for him.

People took off their phone and started recording to what seemed very peculiar scenario in the parking lot. Who will not be surprised seeing a real “Hulk” in the parking lot lifting a car?

Well this man seemed to show no problem doing so. Parking the car might cause him a lot, so it lifts his car so nothing else would come out as a serious problem.

And most likely, this man really look like the big one, the amazing Hulk and lifting the car seemingly showing no effort make other believe he was the Hulk.

What do you think about this man? Thank you so much for dropping by. We hope to see you more often for some more of our incredible stories. Have a nice day ahead.

H/T: Joe Loreto

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