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Take A Look At The World’s First Mobile Theater and Office

Watching movies in theaters are really so fun. As such, it may be because of the cool environment, and of course, the cool feeling when you’ll be there. Somehow, you’ll really appreciate the movie and each scenes of the movie. But do you know that there’s already a full home theater and office? This will actually make you feel that you’re in a theater when in fact, you’re not.

Well, this video will show it all to you. This was presented to us by Lexani Motorcars on YouTube. In it, the concept and the output of the so-called Cadillac Escalade was introduced and shown to us. This actually feels like your a queen or a king if you have it. Watch how it looks like on the video below.

In addition, this is actually the world’s first 2015 Escalade that have a built-in 48″ 4K  Technology Smart Curved TV. Indeed, this really looks luxurious. You can also have your road trip ever more exciting than that of the usual way with this. However, it’s price and availability is still not stated on the video. Somehow, sooner or later, it will already be announced. Let’s just wait for the updates. How was it?

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