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Watch How Wine Glass Produced The Skyrim Theme Song

If you’re particular about the Skyrim theme song, you can say that it is really one of those amazing music pieces ever written. Perhaps, through this, some people actually get fond of it. As such, they are making their own versions of it.

This time, it’s about producing the Skyrim theme song through the use of wine glasses. It is where wine glasses are gathered together. After which, they produced different sounds depending on the water put into it. You’ll really love the result.

Based on the video, this Dragonborn also known as the Skyrim theme song it’s supporters. They are called the Patreon. This video is actually suggested by many of their supporters before it was done.

Watch the video below.

There’s also that video clip who seemed to lead the beat of the song. As such, it is just so nice to see the effort done to be able to create rightly the said theme song. After which, they never really failed their supporters.

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