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This Performance From The America’s Got Talent 2014 Contestant Is Really Shocking. It’s A Magic Done Using Shoe Lace

As of this time, magic tricks are already made through different ways. Some are actually so hard to say that it can happen. But then, based on the audience, it seemed that no cheating was made.

Talking about magic, this time, it would be about doing magic with the use of shoe laces. This one is actually a video of a contestant on the America’s Got Talent 2014. As you see it, you’ll say that even the judges of the show are also clueless of how his magic tricks were made.

The said contestant is named as Smoothini. He is a street magician. Unlike other contestants in the show, the said magician did not show his talent on stage. He did in right beside the judges. He even asked the judges to be his volunteers for his magic.

Watch the video below.

Somehow, it seemed that the performance is no pressure making you not think of any single thing but just to be relaxed and amazed on the results. Even if how much you look at it, you can’t really find out the secret of his magic.

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