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This Guy Will Blow Your Mind With His Matrix-Style Moves. A Dance Like You’ve Never Seen Before. WOW!

You may have seen a lot of amazing dancers doing awesome dance moves. But I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen something like what this dancer did.

Kenichi Ebina is a Japanese dance performer who gained fame by joining and winning the America’s Got Talent 2013. This video shows his performance when he auditioned for the said talent show. He describes his act as “dance-ish” – a mixture of robotic moves, dance, martial arts, and matrix.

The 38-year old started his act with an extraordinary head-dropping trick that caught the judges’ attention. He then proceeded to act as a robot then continued to reenact fight scenes from “The Matrix” in slow motion. He has some really amazing body coordination to do those moves and crazy body strength to be able to drop himself on the floor and stand up using only his head and without the help of his hands.

Watch the video and you’ll see that this guy’s talent is absolutely amazing!

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  • rosevetl July 13, 2014, 11:44 am


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