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I Swear, You’ll Have Fun Watching This Lovely Couple Dancing To Sway Music

There are different kinds of dance but most of us love to watch dance which is only for a pair and is accompanied by a soothing, lovely music of love. This kind of dance is different from the so-called ‘dirty dancing’ and I bet you’ve seen a lot of them.

If you haven’t, here’s your chance. On this video, you’re about to see a couple in the name of John Lindo and Stephanie Batista.They joined West Coast Swing dance competition on 2008 and here’s their dance routine which made them them brought the champion.

Ever seen dance performance like this before? Share us your thoughts by leaving a comment below and if you like this post, share this to your friends online to cheer them up like you always do.

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  • Nestor D. Santos September 21, 2015, 9:40 am

    I love watching their performance, it’s the sense of humor and funny acts of the male dancer who makes me smile and laugh. He can dance and act inspite of his structure, that makes them wonderful to watch and deserve to win the competetion.

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