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This Little Boy Was Saying Something That Will Surely Make You Smile! He So Adorably Cute…Really!

We really enjoy seeing little kids doing some crazy things, what do you think is the funniest thing that your little brother or sister did? If you love watching funny videos of babies, you’ll surely love watching this one too! This little boy will surely make you smile of what he did!

Mommy was talking to his little boy and trying to let him say some words like “Daddy”, “hi”, “Elmo” and more. But it seems that there is something that the little boy can’t say correctly. What this baby this was so cute and quite funny!

Little boy was asked to say the word “Mommy” but he’s saying the word “Basketball”! LOL! He’s so cute! Why do you think he keeps on saying the word “Basketball” every time he’s asked to say “Mommy”? Have you experienced this one with your kid?

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