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The Crowd Find Their First Dance Boring, Until the Music Changed. WOAH!

Nothing is more precious than seeing a father and daughter, having good time together.


And speaking of that bonding, lets have a glimpse of this father and daughter who showcase an amazing treat which entertained and amazed the Bat Mitzvah crowd.

Watch the video below.

The crowd obviously got bored when comedian Mike Hanley and his daughter Jessica first hit the dance floor, until they changed the music that turned the atmosphere on groove.

This video which is titled, “Best Father Daughter Dance Ever – Comedian Mike Hanley and his daughter Jessica” has already gained millions of views since it was uploaded on the world’s largest video-sharing site.

But despite of its viral scheme, what made it this trending to the heart of many viewers is that nowadays, witnessing as such precious moment of the father and daughter together, is not that often.

What can you say about this?

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