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Faith In Humanity Restored: Woman Stops By A Busy Tollway To Save An Opossum

What would you do if you saw an animal in need? Would you stop what you’re doing? Or ignore it like it never happened hoping that someone will take responsibility for it? I don’t know about you but if you’d ask me, I’ll risk my life to save them.

That’s how brave and kind one woman named Page Jones did after rescuing an opossum by the side of a busy toll way in Houston. While she’s driving, she noticed it which had collapsed or either got hit and she knew she needs to do something to save it. Without any doubts, she pulled over and reaches out her hand to help.

“It lifted it’s head up, and it looked at the car,” she told KHOU News. “I was just like, I gotta stop.” Unfortunately, she was unable to save the creature’s life; but the kindness she gave is immeasurable. Truly, compassion makes our world beautiful to stay with.

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