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What Can You Do To Help A Handicapped Pal? These Friends Deserve Thumbs Up.

Muscular dystrophy causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass, disabling an individual who experiences it from walking or performing the usual activities. Genetically, the abnormal genes interfere with the production of the proteins needed to form healthy muscle. Those who have muscular dystrophy could experience is as early as childhood which is often in boys.

One of the common result of those who have muscular dystrophy is losing the ability to walk. While there are no discovered cure yet, medications and therapy are the least a patient could undergo to help him manage the symptoms and eventually slow the course of the disease.

Kevan belongs to the least number of people who has muscular dystrophy. Though he has a lot of dreams that he really wanted to fulfill, he realizes that all his dreams are impossible given his case and physical struggle. However, if there is one thing he should be thankful for in return it is perhaps having some friends and family who are there to support and back him up.

Kevin has a dream to visit Europe and eventually see the continent’s beauties by himself. And his friends realize that this would be impossible for him. However, supporting him for that dream will make that possible.

Surprisingly, his friends band together and worked hand in hand to give their wheel-chair bound man some good time and give him an experience he will never forget. What this group of friends did for their differently able friend was something heartwarming, and it’s a special thing that he really appreciated.

The friends just launched a campaign to raise money for the trip and eventually, they already received more than 20 thousand dollars and helps are going through and through. They are going to literally carry him on their backs in a backpack, taking turns every 30 minutes.

In their journey, there is one common thing realized—-your real friends will never will leave you especially in pushing you to reach your goal. And their journey will teach us one thing, value those who are real and they will be real to you all the way. These group of friends deserve your solid thumbs up!

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