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Watch: Breathtaking Moment Man Saves A Hanging Toddler With A Mop.

It came as a surprise for this man who happened to hear cries out of his window. He must have been doing something when he realized the sound of a toddler.

When he opened the window, something he did not expect to see almost got him but abruptly, he grabbed of something that would be a lot useful to the impending risk. Fortunately, the mop was a good use.

The toddler was said to be hanging be her neck four-storeys up from the ground when the man rushed into the scene and make use of his mop to do something more useful out of it.

With the breaking heart for the worst that could happen next, the man hurriedly extended his mop in aim to save, to elevate the toddler out that situation.

Thumbs of for that super hero! Thank you so much for dropping by. We hope to see you more often for some more of our incredible stories and videos. Have a nice day ahead.

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