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Don’t Judge People By Their Appearance. These ‘Tough’ Bikers Make Difference With Their Campaign.

When they take the road with their big bikes, you might mind moving out of the way and give it to them instead while afraid of being shouted or battered by these ‘tough’ guys. But they are not you think they were.

These guys might look frightening to you especially with their aura and build, but you will be surprised knowing their campaign that is making a difference in the lives of the bullied children. Indeed, you should not judge a person by their looks.

Biker Against Child Abuse International (BACA) has been existing to promote a safer environment for abuse children. As body of Bikers, they travel and empower children to not feel afraid of the world. The organization and what they do continues to be an inspiration to all to move and inspire children especially the abused one and to make them feel loved and cared.

While it could puzzle you the connection between the bikes and the children, they explained that people with common interest in motorcycles could have a worthwhile bonding experience. As a team, what they do is they pick a BACA child up from a bus, camp out in front of his or her house until the child feels safer.

The team would also attend court room abuse cases with the child victims to help them out battle their fear and make them feel comfortable.

More than their inspiring act comes also their sweet moment. As part of the ceremony, if the child becomes a BACA child, they take a bear and give it a hug in order to tell the child that they are filling it with courage and love. And when or if it ever gets empty or they ever need them again, they will come back and fill it up again.

Child abuse continues to grow in the number of cases anywhere in the world today. As there are many forms of abuses to children, they don’t have the mouth to speak out their pains as they are under controlled. There are children out there who need our care and love, we only have to feel them and make them feel loved and cared. It is only then that we give them reason to fight for their right.

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