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Does Water Ever Expire? How Long Does It Last? Read More About It And The Risks Here.

How long does water last? As a health conscious individual you certainly would want to find out if water ever expires knowing that you might put your family especially your kids to risk.

Almost of the earth is composed on water. Its abundance has been the elixir of all life forms in this planet. As humans, drinking large amount of water every day is a necessity that we should not miss knowing that our body needs it to function well.

But how safe really is the water that you are drinking? We get water from various sources like fountains, streams and even bottles which are being sold. One of our concerns though is if the water we have at home goes bad.

Basically the life of water is indefinite, it does not go bad on its own. However, the packaging and the environment could actually cause water to be unsafe. At first place, the preparation of the drinking water sorely depends on the preparation method.

Discovery’s DNews explained that water doesn’t contain sugars or proteins, so microbes don’t consume or rot it. Science, however, explains that the chemistry of water can change over time because of some factors that may include air.

Naturally, when water is exposed to air it eventually absorbs CO2 which is eventually converted into carbonic acid. This will result then to the decrease of the pH of the water leaving to become slightly acidic. If you can notice it, the water you leave on the night time could taste different in the next morning.

According to U.S Food and Drug Administration, unopened commercially bottled water remains safe as long as it is not damaged.

Reminder about expiration dates:

While most commercially sold bottled waters have expiration labels, cases vary. As much as possible, be sensitive in your taste of water. If it doesn’t taste good, be alarmed and start asking. Although the expiration dates are generally reliable, it pays that you are responsible in drinking your water.

How to tell if Water is Bad

Water, although it is a need of our body, could also cause us some illness. While there are good water, there are also water that you might miss and that came from contaminated containers and likes, that could cause you stomach pain among others. However, this is where your senses should meet.

Be sure you got a clean water by checking on it before you drink, if there are tiny particles floating in your glass or in a bottle—start thinking again before drinking. Use your nose to smell it out, when it doesn’t smell like the usual kind of water you drink then there might be something else mixed in your water. And be sure you taste what you drink first, if it doesn’t taste good then spit it out. When the chemical taste feels unlikely, it would not be that healthy for you.

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Video from DNews

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