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When This Dolphin Spits At Him, What He Does In Return Turns Out To Be A Hilarious Encounter.

Dolphins are known for being playful especially towards people. And most likely, they are the most playful and friendly sea creatures you could ever encounter.

When people would flock at them, they would like to show off what they’ve got and be sure you know how to respond to it. They’ll appreciate if you give them thumbs up!

But more than just watching them, one could certainly spend a good time with them up close. And this old man even got the opportunity to be with this lovely dolphin.

And as I’ve said, dolphins are playful and you should be ready to respond whenever they tease you. When this dolphin spitted at this man, this man surprisingly spitted back in return. The two in the end had a hilariously adorable game of spitting.

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Video from Scottwrk47

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