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When A Baby Doesn’t Like The Peek-A-Boo Game

Little babies are really amusing to play with because of their priceless reactions, and that is the reason why we often make them laugh. Are you a kind of person who loves playing with little kids? If you are, here is an adorable video that you need to watch. This video will surely inspire you more to have one someday.

This video was uploaded by the channel Rumble Viral on YouTube where you can find the most trending and cutest video online. In this episode, you’ll see how this cute baby reacts when his dad does a peek-a-boo game to make him laugh. It seems that this game didn’t turn out perfectly, check this out.

At first, this little baby appears to be thrilled and excited playing with his dad. After a few moments, it seems that the game is getting a little intense and the baby cries. Have you ever experienced this with a baby before? How did you let the baby calm? This is so cute.

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