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You May Have Been Throwing These Parts Instead Of Eating…But Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Next Time.

To satisfy our tastes, we tend to look for foods and goods that would give us relief and flavors. While so, there are parts of particular foods which we find uninteresting. We tend to pull these off and throw them in the garbage can thinking they are tasteless and useless.

Whether we are eating fruits and vegetables with seeds and coatings, we tend to throw the seemingly useless parts. But to your surprise, some of the parts of foods that you usually throw have various benefits and healthy contents. Yes, you might have been throwing these parts instead of eating but next time make sure you consider them.

  1. Cantaloupe Seeds

The flesh could come very refreshing and savory, and you must have been throwing the seeds because you think they are useless. But think about their hidden powers. The seeds might be the first to go when you crack a melon but did you know that these are high in protein? More to that, they are good source of fiber, vitamins and magnesium.


You can actually roast the seeds in the oven while tossing with olive oil for a nutrient-packed snack.

  1. Onion Skins

When preparing for a dish, we tend to skin out the onions before slicing it into bits. But let us tell you that the flaky exteriors are actually high in quercetin. This could help lower your blood pressure and help boost the immune system. So instead of throwing the skins, use it wisely.

  1. Broccoli Leaves

In cooking ‘chopsuey’ or any dish that requires broccoli, we usually pick out the leaves. But did you know that the green leaves are a triple treat with high levels of vitamin A, C and calcium? That’s a lot so be sure to make sure of that leafy greens next time by even throwing them into a stir-fry along with the rest of the broccoli.

  1. Watermelon Rinds

You might not usually consider the watermelon rinds, but these rinds actually contain amino acid citrulline which can help improve your blood flow. Using a quality blender, you could mix it together with the watermelon flesh for a perfect summer smoothie.

  1. Orange Peels

The peels actually smell good but we usually throw it. But knowing that they are rich in fiber that soothes digestive system and that you could grater it to sprinkle on top of fish and dish might change your mind.

These were quite a surprise. Don’t miss our updates, hit the LIKE button to subscribe. Thank you so much for dropping by. Have a healthy day!

Source: http://www.menshealth.com/; Video from Wochit News

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