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Potatoes Are More Than Just Foods. Here Are The Interesting Facts That You Should Know.

One of the versatile vegetables in the potato. More than just being the main component of our all-time favorite fries, a single potato is one rich veggie that you should include in your diet. More to that, here are some interesting facts about potatoes.


Potatoes are extremely nutrient-rich vegetable

You just need one medium potato to get a larger percentage the recommended amount of vitamin C. With the single of it, you will get 45 percent of recommended amount. Contrary to the misconceptions, potatoes are also rich in potassium, B6, fiber and numerous other vitamins and minerals.

Did you know that potatoes are even richer than bananas, tomatoes, broccoli and oranges when it comes to potassium? With its concentrated potassium, you’ll get more in an affordable vegetable.

The Risk

Solanines could be contaminated in potatoes which are poisonous in nature. In rare cases, it could cause headaches, diarrhea, and cramps. We are advising you to take the fresh potatoes. And in buying, be sure you pick the well-formed, smooth and firm ones. Look for discolorations, cracks and soft spots too.

*Did you know that potato became the first vegetable to be raised in space? In 1995, seeds of a potato were germinated on the space shuttle Columbia were it successfully grew.

With its own ability to grow in almost whatever condition, potato is definitely such a wonder.

Here’s the most interesting thing about potatoes:

If you can enjoy reliable internet today even in your flight, potatoes got something to do with it.

Boeing has developed an advanced method in testing wireless signals in airplane cabins—in the nature of potatoes. This make it possible for the passengers to enjoy reliable connection even during flights.


In their test, the engineers loaded the plane with sacks of potatoes as part of testing to eliminate weak spots in in-flight wireless signals and to improve in-air internet signal strength.

According to a report released by Associated Press, the engineers at the Chicago-based airline made use of the potatoes instead of the actual passengers during the test. The potatoes’ water content and chemistry makes it possible to absorb and reflect radio wave signals.

After using the potatoes, the company have fined the signals and secured that they don’t interfere with the plane’s navigation and communications equipment. Three aircraft have already stronger wi-fi signals.

It was found out that potatoes were among the vegetables and fruits which were evaluated for their dielectric properties. This means that they can transmit electric force without conduction.

More than just being a good food as it can be served in various purposes, potatoes are definitely special. So if it’s available, why not grab even just one and eat some.

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