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Foodie Nightmare: These Yummy-Looking Burgers Are Made From Something You Wouldn’t Expect

Do you love eating burger? If you do, what was your favorite? Is it made of beef? Pork? Or vegetables? Burgers is one of the most popular staple food most of us love to eat since it contains protein. It is often used in making hamburgers or solely eaten as a regular patty.

To the local residents of Lake Victoria, Africa, it is a dessert. However, their burgers aren’t made of beef but of small flies known as ‘midges.’ Yes, you heard that right. These flies are born each year at every rainy season and that’s when people take the chance to make burgers out of it.

Oh, no. I couldn’t imagine myself eating that even if it contains protein. According to the video, Every patty contains about 50,000 flies, which means that they pack in about five times the protein of a standard beef burger.

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