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What Would Happen If You Were Punched By SUPERMAN? Watch the Amazing Explanation Here!

No one could ever estimate how strong Superman is but would you dare to be punched by him just to test his strength?

A YouTube video will tell you how powerful the “Man of Steel” is.  In the video uploaded by Vsauce3, Jake explains what would happen if a real-life Superman is going to bring you down.

Aside from revealing Superman’s superpowers, Jake also gave some of the fictional character’s amazing skills and his ability to do almost all of the things we could never imagine.

Although he gave some numbers which somehow explains the power of Superman’s punch yet it is not still enough to describe how strong he is. According to him, a single punch of real life Superman would cause a major destruction.

Superman’s punch is far enough a combination of such incident including explosion of atomic bomb, the heat of the sun  and any other phenomena. Want’s some proof? Watch Jake’s explanation below.

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