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How These Ice Skaters Play With Fire Is Definitely Exceptional

Adults say don’t play with fire, it might hurt you terribly. But for these professional ice skaters, fire is another tool to elevate their performance. And to play with fire inside the rink is a thing they would want all to consider.

Being talented inside the ice rink, these skaters has a lot to offer more than just their technical skills in the ice skating. Their grace also makes their performance valuable and exceptional.

But what if grace is tested inside the rink. When two unlikely elements are combined, will they still leave you at awe with their performance? In this rare rink performance, these skaters will prove supremacy.

These skaters impressively use fire to add color to their regular skating routines. And how it all end up is a show worth to watch. No pressure, just enjoy the show.

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H/T: Devinsupertramp

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