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Science Experiment, How To Make A Green Fire Tornado

Science experiments are truly awesome, that is the reason why we also love doing it at home together with our friends. If you want to do some crazy experiments at home; you must need to follow the correct steps, secure your gears and all your surroundings before doing one.

What do you think is the most amazing experiment have you ever done at home? If you want to know more cool science stunts, here is a video you need to watch. This video uploaded by the channel CrazyRussianHacker on YouTube features on how to make a green fire tornado. I’m pretty sure some of us haven’t seen a green fire tornado before, we’ll here is your chance to see one.

This science experiment is pretty cool; we never thought that ethanol and borax can be used to make green fire. This Russian guy used trash can, round spinning tab, and plate to complete the experiment.

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