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Crowd Is In Tears Listening To This Young Girl And Michael Martin Murphey’s ‘What’s Forever For’

It’s common for children to have something they love to do about but only few of them are passionate enough to make that something a miracle to happen. Whenever we speak of talent, we just sometimes think that adults are the only best, but unknown to us, kids these days are pretty impressive too.

When the famous singer of the song ‘What’s Forever For’, Michael Martin Murphy sang the song once again with 11-year-old girl named Lexi Walker, the crowd are just in awe for their performance. He invited Lexi to sing the song wih him and when they started it, I’m in tears.

Michael related to the audience that the song needed a child’s voice to emphasize the song’s message which is people sticking together in a relationship rather than breaking apart. It was a remarkable duet that can never be forgotten by many of us. <3

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