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You’ll Get Emotional Listening To Josh Groban Singing Les Misérables Theme Song ‘Bring Him Home’

Who doesn’t know the 34-year-old singer who sang the amazing piece of ‘You Raise Me Up’, Josh Groban? He is widely known with his tenor voice which garners people to know more of his music.

Aside from his own singing pieces, Josh Groban has also made some cover and recently, he made an excellent rendition of Les Misérables’ theme song ‘Bring Him Home.’ Watch his emotional performance below:

In the movie Les Misérables, ‘Bring Him Home’ is a song sung by Jean Valjean about Marius at the barricade where agony is deeply expressed. But with Josh Groban’s rendition, it felt like it was a message for God. Tear-jerking piece!

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