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Shine And Shimmer With This Glittery Bath Jelly Recipe

This Diy is so much easier than it looks. Today we are going to make a DIY Bath jelly perfect for a bubble bath into the bathtub. Not only that you can use it for taking a bath. You can also make it as a gift on a friend’s birthday. Or maybe to start your own business.

We are going to give you some steps on how to make this easy DIY bath jelly. You’ll be shining like the stars in the galaxy when you use it. You just have somehow rinse it off thoroughly after taking a bath or of you are allergic you can have one of those edible glitters.

find ou how to make this dazzling Galaxy Glitter Bath Jelly by watching this video. Tell us what you think about this idea and share this with your friends too.

(h/t: Cute Life Hacks)

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