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Does Dividing Length In Half Using Math Gives You A Problem? Here’s How You Do It With Ease.

Whether we are slicing something in the kitchen or setting our appliances and tables in the other parts of our home, we are required to measure or divide lengths in halves to make sure we arrange everything properly.

Surely we don’t want to compromise balance in everything that we do especially when length is much involved. Measuring length is much easier especially when we got some rulers or tape measures with us, but when we divide lengths especially in halves we tend to use calculators or pull out the pens and papers for a problem solving.

That’s quite cumbersome though and most of the time, solving for the solution would take us time and would cause us pain in the head. But eventually there is another way in looking for the center or in dividing lengths without the use of mathematics.

Tom Silva is joining us today in sharing his expertise especially in showing how to quickly divide any length in half without the use of math. Solve no more as he got these simple and easy steps for us. In the video below, Tom is demonstrating us the two methods which are useful in quickly dividing with the use of tape measure.

The first method uses only one tape measure, this might be a lot easier for you.

  1. Measure the width of the board, then choose a slightly larger dimension that’s easily divisible by two. For example, if the board measures 37 5/8 inches, round it up to 40 inches.
  2. Pull a tape measure diagonally across the board until the 40-inch graduation aligns with the edge of the board.
  3. Make a pencil mark at the 20-inch graduation line, which is half of 40. That marks the exact center of the 37 5/8-inch board.

But you can also find the center using two tape measures pulling each across from the opposite edges.

  1. Pull one tape measure across the board from one edge, then pull the second tape from the opposite edge.
  2. Find where the point along the tapes where two identical measurements align with each other. That’s the exact center of the board.

You see, very simple but the both works. Whether you are using a single tape measure with the first method or the other one that uses two measuring devices, these math shortcuts are even more fun and easier.

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Source: http://lifehacker.com/; Video from This Old House

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