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Man Saves Dog Stranded On An Island Underneath A Bridge

dog rescue
Dogs are considered as one of the most intelligent animals in the world; we treat them as a member of our family and take care of them as our own child. It is really nice to give love and care for these animals because they’ll surely give it back to you someday.

Are you one of the guys who love knowing heartwarming stories of dog and human? If you are here is a video you need to watch. This video was uploaded by the channel JunkinVideo on YouTube where you can find the most trending topics online. In this video, you’ll about to see how these helpful strangers save a dog.

Zoran Pavlovic and friends spotted a dog stranded on an island underneath a bridge. Without any doubt, this guy came down the small island and rescued the dog. This kind of footage just melt my heart, the world would be a nicer place if everyone of us had a good heart like these guys.
(h/t: JunkinVideo)

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