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Adorable Little Girl Copies Samoyed Puppy’s Actions And Giggles With It- Cute

Babies or toddlers amusing themselves is cute alone; and when somebody like an animal join in, it doubles the fun. Have you seen a little kid playing and amusing herself with a dog or a cat? There are actually many videos existing on the internet but there’s no cuter than this video you’re about to watch. If you love Samoyed dogs, this one’s for you.

On this video, you’ll see an adorable girl mimicking her sweet puppy pal, a Samoyed dog. When the dog looks like smiling, the little girl joins him and start giggling with herself. When the dog lays down on its tummy, the little girl then follows it and laugh. Watch the adorable video and see it for yourself:

Oh, so cute! The little girl doesn’t think that her friend sitting next to her is a dog and it seems like they both understand each other very well. They deserve an award for the cutest duo on the internet! 🙂

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