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This Cat Walked Up To An Officer Writing A Ticket And Did Something You Won’t Expect

Pet animals love their human so much and every pet owner can attest that fact. Whenever the owner is away, they’ll do everything to look for them and when we’re in trouble, they’ll try to help even just by listening to our sentiments. But what this pet cat does in the video is something you won’t believe and expect.

A police officer was on his routine traffic stop by giving the car’s owner a ticket but when he’s writing it down, a feline walked up to him and was trying to prevent the cop from finishing the ticket. Watch the whole video and see it for yourself.

Luckily, the whole situation was captured in a dash cam. Maybe it was the car owner’s cat and he just wants to help his human from receiving the ticket. I don’t know but what the cat did is just so hilarious to watch.

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